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The NFB is Canada's public film and animation producer and distributor. Dirt is a feature-length documentary directed by Meghna Haldar. I was responsible for animation, character design along with the poster and dvd cover

National Film Board of Canada
I've been fortunate to work with the film board in one capacity or another for the last 6 years. I've assisted on several films and interactive projects and have also started to develop my own projects with them.
Lead Animator

There were parts of this film that could not be represented by live action or by any other method other than animation. There were nightmarish dreams that needed to be interpreted that dealt with many themes explored in the film. By animating them, it offered a way to tell these short stories with a real economy of time in a much-needed expressive way.

In these animated sequences, you will see people being treated like dirt, you will see life and death, blood, guts, shit, semen. Please see the movie description below.

"What is it about feeling dirty that shames us into silence and disgust?" asks director Meghna Haldar in the feature documentary . From the slums of Kolkata to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to a barbeque joint in Central Texas - everyone has a different story. Dirt isn't just a four letter word, it contains a world of meaning spanning the divine to the profane. A quixotic odyssey into all things unclean, featuring animation to make Hieronymus Bosch blush, tracks from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and an experimental soundscape by Clinker,  digs deep to illuminate the positively filthy experience of being human.

I was tasked with building the idea of Dirt in one image. I chose a collage using stills from the film that melds elements of significant parts of the story. The end result is an ugly, temporal beast carrying the world on it's back which is symbolically resonant of the film's contents.
Film Poster Design
DVD Design
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